Leadership Development

Success in business today requires strong leaders at every level of the organization to navigate through the myriad of social, political, economic and technical change.  Emerging Executive helps leaders – both nonprofit and corporate – embrace change and flourish in an environment that requires new skills, ongoing learning and excellent communication.

Executive coaching uses a combination of questioning, listening and accountability to support individuals move towards their personal and professional goals.  We work with you to acquire the skills and competencies whether your goal is to become a CEO or Executive Director, move into a management role, or transition to a new career.

Leadership Development

As a leader you must be passionate about your vision.  You must think strategically, make effective decisions and articulate not only your vision but your organization’s vision.  And you must connect and communicate in a way that inspires and motivates others to turn your vision into action. This is particularly true if you are a Board Chair or Executive Director where board members give their time voluntarily

We help you identify and develop a powerful vision for yourself as a leader and enhance your abilities to think and act decisively to inspire and motivate board members, staff and volunteers. We also focus on the more subtle communication and emotional intelligence skills necessary to build the trust to create productive relationships establish your credibility as a leader.  We ensure emphasis on real life issues pivotal to achieving results, so you practice the new skills you learn on an ongoing basis.

Career Progression

Transitioning from a job in operations to management requires an individual to expand beyond their current capabilities and address growth opportunities.  If you are a newly promoted director, for example, you may need to develop a vision, business plan and budgets for the first time.

Successful senior leaders think differently, and generate enthusiasm for new, innovative ideas and programs.

You will become aware of your behaviors, how they impact others, and identify more productive actions to ensure maximum performance from your team.  We work to determine the needs of your team, and build effective relationships not only with your team but with peers and superiors. Our work provides ongoing learning through feedback and the ability to monitor and change behavior.

Career Transitions

Are you ready to take the time to reevaluate your professional life

Embarking on a transition in your professional life might mean a change of career or an acceleration of your existing career, where you enhance your potential through the development of new skills and behaviors.  Or maybe you reignite the passion behind your desire to start your own business.

Together we take a step back and clarify the direction you want to follow, so you have the focus, passion and energy necessary to develop the strategies and actions to reach your goal.

Done correctly, these steps propel you to the next opportunity and challenge in your professional life ready to create the changes you desire.

We work with you to:

  • Discover what’s most important to you in your professional life
  • Identify your strengths and skills and what you have to offer
  • Understand the type of work for which you are passionate
  • Develop a plan to achieve what you want & overcome obstacles that stand in your way
  • Provide accountability & structure as you take action

Move you to the next level in your professional life


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